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Two-Tier Patio Water Fountain

Listen to the soft burble of water spilling over rocks in this DIY fountain you can add to your deck or patio.

Tools Needed

  • Drill and 1-1/8-in spade bit

  • Caulking gun (optional)


  • 15.2-in ceramic planter

  • 9.8-in ceramic planter

  • Water feature bubbler kit with pump

  • Plastic flowerpot, 7–8-in tall

  • 15.31-in black plastic plant saucer

  • .5 cu ft egg rock

  • 4 - drain stoppers

  • Clear silicone caulk


Step 1

Apply clear silicone caulk around the drain hole in the bottom of the large ceramic pot and around a drain stopper. From inside the pot, firmly press the stopper into the hole and caulk again around the edges of the stopper. Repeat for the remaining holes.


Step 2

After the caulk has set for an hour, turn the pot over and seal around the stoppers from the underside. Take care to avoid pushing the stoppers loose with the tip of the caulk tube. Allow the caulk to dry overnight before continuing


Step 3

Place the plastic saucer on a piece of scrap wood and drill a 1-1/8-inch hole at the center. Hold the bit steady to avoid accidentally cracking the plastic.


Step 4

Place the large pot where you’ll want your fountain. Turn a plastic pot roughly 7 to 8 inches tall upside down and rest it on the bottom of the large pot. With the extension tube installed, rest the pump on the top of the overturned pot and fill the large pot with water to about 1 inch below the rim


Step 5

Fully extend the pump tubes and center the pump to allow the tube to pass through the hole in the saucer. Position the saucer so the rim is evenly supported by the inside of the large ceramic pot.


Step 6

Place the smaller ceramic pot on the saucer with the extension tube coming up through the drain hole of the pot. Work carefully to avoid accidentally pulling the extension tube free of the pump.


Step 7

Select the nozzle of your choice and install it on the end of the extension tube. (The fountain kit comes with three options.) With water in the bottom pot, you can experiment with different nozzles to find the pattern you like.


Step 8

Spread the rocks on a hard surface, such as a driveway or walk, and rinse them with water until they’re clean. Place rocks in the saucer to surround the upper pot. Then add rocks to the upper pot until they reach the nozzle.

*Good to Know*

Using rocks straight from the bag will add debris to the water in the fountain and clog the pump filter


Step 9

Plug in the fountain and adjust the nozzle as needed. Check that the water doesn’t splash outside the saucer and drain the fountain.

*Good to Know*

To maintain the fountain, periodically disassemble it to reach the pump. Then clean the pump filter in warm soapy water. In cold climates, disassemble the fountain and remove all of the water before storing it. Never allow water to freeze inside the pots.


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