Playset ANTI-SCAM Tips

Dreamscapes Outdoor Living and Play wants to keep all online shoppers safe from playset scams. We hate seeing online playset scams of any kind. It hurts all good playset builders — and makes parents feel less confident when buying something wonderful for their kids. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to explain playset scams and to ensure you are buying from a reputable company

The Truth about Playset Scams

It's a sad time, however, we are dedicated to educating all parents on the risk of scams. This time of year is the most popular time of year that parents/grandparents purchase a playset. And we are committed to fighting against scams on behalf of all playset builders and parents everywhere

The most common playset scams involve cybercriminals creating fake websites or posting false listings for swing sets. They advertise unbelievably good prices on sets, but the products can only be purchased online with an up-front payment.

The scammers then send an inferior knock-off that doesn’t resemble what you wanted to buy — or they simply take your money and don’t send you ANYTHING at all. On the internet, cybercriminals can claim to be anything or anyone. Any scammer can claim to have a bargain price on the swing set you want. These online scammers are not affiliated with any particular swing set manufacturer or real dealer. Protecting yourself from playset scams is similar to the other ways in which you keep yourself safe when shopping online. Essentially, all of the best anti-scam techniques come down to working with trustworthy sources and protecting your personal information.

Here are the most important anti-scam tips we can offer you:

Find Official Dealers on the Official Website: One of the best, easiest ways to protect yourself from dangerous online scammers is to find dealers directly from the manufacturer. At Dreamscapes, we only buy our playsets through our highly-vetted vendor network. So you can have confidence that the set you ordered is one of our high-quality playsets from a reputable vendor. If you are not in our area and are looking for a set, you can find an authorized dealer like this one Enter your zip code to find a reputable dealer.

Trust a Company with a Long History: Since these illegal scammers are actively breaking the law, most times their operations don’t last long before being shut down or closing up shop. You can feel comfortable when you learn about a business with a long track record of building quality products and satisfying customer needs. At Dreamscapes, we have been building high-quality playsets and patios for over a decade — and we aren’t planning to stop anytime soon.

Avoid Dealers Who ONLY Accept Unusual Forms of Currency, Like Crypto Currency: This is a sign that a potential scammer wants to use a form of currency that will make the scam difficult to track — and make it difficult for you to cancel the transaction once you’ve realized their game. However, some scammers can even use credit card purchases as well.

The price they are offering online is significantly less than the price offered on our website: We have noticed that many fraudulent websites and ads (including those shown on Facebook or Google) will offer so-called "Outlet" or "Clearance" prices that are alarmingly low. They hope this will encourage you to buy from them. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is not true.

Talk to a Real Person about Your Concerns: Not being able to talk to a staff member is a sign that you may be dealing with a scam operation. It’s reasonable to want to discuss your purchase with a knowledgeable team member, and almost every real business will accommodate you. Since most playset scammers are located outside of the United States, they will be far less likely to have a conversation with you. At Dreamscapes Outdoor Living and Play, we make ourselves available to our customers by phone to answer your questions and help you build a custom playset. We are open Monday- Saturday 10-6. This is a crucial component in researching the company with whom you want to do business.

Team with a Company that Has Good Reviews: In almost any field, reviews are a good way to gauge a business’s reputation. That holds true when you’re shopping for a playset. If the playset company — or the dealer — you’re interested in has no reviews or they have many extremely negative ones, that’s a reason to be cautious. However, good reviews can let you know that you’re working with a trustworthy company that satisfies its customers.


  • Always pay with a credit card that offers fraud protection. This can help reduce your personal risk significantly.

  • If you have any lingering doubt, then please do not buy from that particular website.


Our vendors do actively pursue criminal charges against any individuals and/or companies who attempt to fraudulently sell our products or deceive our customers.

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