Why Are Playgrounds Important?

With today’s many options for children’s play, why are playgrounds important? It’s a fair question to ask in a world of video games, extracurricular activities, TV programs and other forms of entertainment. In reality, playgrounds offer many advantages and benefits to children, especially when it comes to development. Childhood is a time of rapid growth, and the right play equipment can encourage children to develop at all levels as they have fun.

The developmental benefits of playgrounds are many and vary:

Playgrounds get children into action so they can grow physically. Play equipment can encourage children to be more active, building their muscle groups and fine motor skills in the process. Swings, slides, climbers and other types of equipment encourage children to develop their balance, speed, agility and coordination. Getting kids in the habit of exercise and making it a fun activity can help encourage kids to stay active throughout their lives.

Playgrounds encourage children to build social skills. When children meet others on the playground, they learn to get along, agree on rules and resolve conflict – all of which are necessary when building social skills. Children can overcome shyness when they play together on playground equipment, and they can learn fundamentals about sharing and friendship. Additionally, playgrounds can be more diverse places than a child’s classroom, since they invite children of all different ages and backgrounds to play together.

Playgrounds help with cognitive development. Playtime helps children learn to problem-solve and to think creatively, which helps with cognitive development. For example, as children figure out different ways to get over a climber or to cross a balance beam, they are working on their cognitive skills. In addition, some playgrounds have activity panels that help children explore numbers, letters, shapes and other educational concepts they’ve been exposed to in the classroom.

Playgrounds help children build sensory activity. Unlike many other types of play, playgrounds encourage children to explore with all senses. Children can have fun with movement on the swings or can enjoy the texture of a climber. They can explore the bright colors of an activity panel and use music-making equipment to play with sound.

Playgrounds encourage healthy emotional development. Children who get to romp around a playground get physical exercise, which can help them deal with stress and boredom and serve as a healthy means of dealing with emotions. When children are upset, for example, they may find the physical activity and distraction of play can help.

“It is a happy talent to know how to play.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you want to encourage the link between playground equipment and child development, you need playgrounds that are designed to be beneficial for children. Here at Dreamscapes Outdoor Living and Play we have created playgrounds and play equipment that is durable and thrilling for kids. With input from child experts, engineers, kids and others, we have developed play spaces kids love and that also encourage childhood growth. Want to set up your ideal playground? Stop by our showroom today to find your perfect playground.

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