Georgia Home Grown Drought Resistant Sod

The past few weekends here in Carroll County have reminded us that warmer weather is on the horizon. Meaning an opportunity to cozy up on our deck or patio with our morning cup of coffee or spend the evening relaxing under the stars. Whether you have a small deck or an expansive patio, it is an extension of your home and provides a place to enjoy the outdoors throughout the day and into the evening. Outdoor living areas are a continuing trend, in fact a Houzz Landscaping & Garden Trends Study revealed that a majority of homeowners are upgrading their outdoor spaces and 64 percent are addressing their backyard. The top three uses of outdoor spaces are relaxing, gardening, and entertaining, with outdoor living and beauty as the most valued aspects of outdoor design. One common upgrade homeowners are making to their outdoor spaces is the addition of outdoor lighting, with most installing LED lighting (28 percent), solar (23 percent), or other (17 percent). A key thing to consider is choosing the Right LED Color LED lighting offers many benefits and features that were difficult, if not impossible, to offer with past lighting technologies. Many of the obvious benefits, such as substantial operating energy and cost reductions, longer life and lower overall heat generation are generally well known. Another feature that allows for dramatic appearance and productivity benefits, now and in the future, involves the color temperature of the light produced by LEDs. Don’t let your exterior spaces drive up your home’s energy bills. New LED deck and landscape lights are low-maintenance, cost-effective options. Lasting up to 40,000 hours – about 15 years – these fixtures use 75% less energy than incandescent lights. Professional companies like Kichler will give you a lot more years out of your lighting than a big box store will.

Wall Grazing at its finest Want to add a visual punch to your exterior walls? Wall grazing is a lighting technique in which light is cast up or down a wall in order to let the light and shadow play off the wall’s texture. Wall grazing works especially well on this wonderfully textured stone wall. Interesting walls like this almost demand uplights to play off their texture.

Variations on a Path Using different styles of path light can make the walk to the house much more interesting. Never assume it’s law that all your path lights match. Mixing it up a little gives the eye a lot more to look at, and the outdoor lighting design looks more calculated, in a good way. Instead of the string of path lights that come in a pack, this is conscious design that makes every trip to the front door pleasant.

Moon Lighting: A Supernatural Experience? Moonlighting is a technique in which lights are hidden higher up in trees to create an ambient effect. Moonlighting can also be used to create cool shadows on the path. See that light mounted up in that tree? It mimics the light of the moon, creating interesting shadows on the ground and enough ambient light to see where you’re walking. Great lighting desig


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