A well-lit home presents a cared-for impression to the entire neighborhood. Your house will appear warm and inviting as it sits quietly on your property. In contrast to a dark and drab home, your illuminated home will draw people in and offer a warm refuge for family and friend. It’s important to consider what you need and how you will use the lighting to ensure that you choose lighting with the features you need. With many benefits of functional outdoor lighting, find the lighting fixtures that will add beauty, function and safety to your outdoor areas

Extend your living areas by lighting your outdoor landscape. If you have a deck or patio with seating, add comfortable and attractive lighting to enable you to use these areas after dark. The ambiance of outdoor seating can be pleasant and inviting, especially when you feature attractive outdoor lighting that adds to your outdoor decor. Use a combination of uplights as well as lights installed on outdoor structures to illuminate your seating areas effectively.

Showcase and highlight specific areas of your landscape with decorative lighting. By installing uplights around your landscape in various spots, you pull the eye to these areas and display them attractively. Landscape lighting is an effective way to display planting areas or flower gardens. Install mood lighting along outdoor buildings to add pleasant splashes of light in your landscape. You can even add low-voltage exterior lights to trees and shrubs outdoors to illuminate planting areas and add beautiful accents to your exterior areas.

Lets talk about cost: Burned out lamps (light bulbs). Because there are so many incandescent and halogen outdoor lighting systems out there, we get calls all the time asking for help with these systems. We arrive to find lot of lamps burned out. This may not seem like a big deal, but let me tell you why it really can be a big and costly deal. If we are talking about a DIY lighting system made up of products from a big box store , it’s probably installed in the dreaded “daisy chain” wiring method. This is bad because the first light is bright; the second is a little dimmer, and so on down the line. None of the lamps actually get proper voltage and will burn out prematurely. These systems are balanced to operate between 10.5 and 11.5 volts — a very tight window. Depending on the size of the wire, distance from the transformer and voltage tap of the transformer that it is hooked up to, a single lamp burn out can send too much voltage to the other lights on that circuit causing them to burn out prematurely. The professional lighting systems do cost more initially but the long term savings far out weighs the cost.

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