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With over 50 different playground options to chose from the possibilities are endless!

Residential Playground Options

Your kids will love all of the thrilling features on our swing sets. From our high flying deluxe swings and extra fun slides to our covered forts and challenging rock walls, there is something for kids of all ages. Best of all, your PlayNation swing set can be customized with an almost unlimited number of options. All of our swing sets are innovative, well-made, and attractive designs that will compliment any backyard with our Lifetime Limited Warranty. Our design team consists of master builders, engineers, and professional draftsmen with more than 100 years of combined experience creating the world’s safest and most innovative swing sets. We integrate features that kids can enjoy throughout their entire childhood, so the swing set remains an active part of their lives for many years. With the use of quality wood, commercial-grade hardware, and our unique safety features, our swing sets continually raise the bar in terms of quality, safety, and durability. Click HERE to see a variety of playsets or stop in our store to view over the 50 different options available.

Swing Kingdom designs and creates high-quality customizable swing sets, playsets, and playhouses. Our playsets are loaded with activities that will spark every child’s imagination and encourage daily physical activity and never-ending fun! That is why, from rock walls to Turbo Twister slides, periscopes to sandboxes, we can customize to match your distinct requirements. For well over a decade, Swing Kingdom has been equipping parents with more than just swings and slides. Our safe and durable playsets launch active imaginations from a solid platform of maintenance-free construction. As a family operated manufacturer of premier vinyl swing sets, we strive to design and build fine quality, affordable swing sets perfect for children of all ages. For loads of fun and family time, count on Swing Kingdom. Swing Kingdom has always focused on creating innovative designs and using long-lasting, environmentally-safe materials to build a kid’s favorite place to play outside. The first manufacturer to combine PVC and structural wood, along with stainless steel corner brackets and hardware for superior strength. Today, we continue to use only the finest, quality materials to ensure safe, durable swing sets built to offer years of enjoyment. Click HERE to see some of just a few of the playsets we can design for you!

The importance of spending time outdoors and being physically active is more important for our children than it has ever been before. The #1 health concern that parents have for their children today is childhood obesity. According to the American Heart Association, one in three children is overweight or obese, a statistic that has tripled since 1971. A contributor to obesity and one of the main reasons that children spend less time on physical activity is the rapidly growing trend of “screen time”. Young children can spend as much as 5-7 hours a day watching TV, playing video games, using the internet, or texting/chatting with friends online. Of course, being physically active is important for building strong, healthy bodies, but there are other physical and mental benefits to playing outside regularly that you may not realize.

Physical Benefits of Playing Outside:

• Helps in developing large and small motor skills

• Builds cardiovascular endurance

• Fresh air slows the spread of infections, which is especially important during the cold and flu season

• Improves sleep as outdoor light helps to set your internal clock, which leads to better sleep at night

• Improves distance vision and lowers chances of being nearsighted

• Increases exposure to sunlight and vitamin D, which can help prevent bone issues, heart disease, or diabetes Mental Benefits of Playing Outside

• Allows children to recharge and release pent-up energy after long periods of learning, making for better academic progress

• Reduces symptoms of inattentiveness or hyperactivity, keeping children alert

• Stress levels fall and good moods increase when children are exposed to green space

• Enhances social interaction and helps children develop relationships The National Wildlife Federation outlines all the ways that outside play benefits children, both physically and mentally