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The Saxon candle is handpoured in a beautiful Earthenware pottery vessel. Each is one of a kind as they are hand glazed with layers of color. All Saxons have 6 wicks and are made with premium soy blend wax poured in the USA. Each pottery vessel can be repurposed once the candle is finished. The Saxon is 6lbs and is 9"x3.25 Re purpose the beautiful pottery once the candle is finished.A wonderful outdoor patio decor piece. Re-purpose the beautiful handmade pottery bowl once the candle is finished. Repurose the beautiful pottery once the candle is finished. The Saxon scented candle is hand-poured in Ohio by American candle artisans. The  scented candle is 2lbs of wax and sprinkled with 6 cotton wicks for maximum glow and light cast. Each Saxon vessel is made from Earthenware clay and handmade into a low bowl pottery styling. Each pottery piece is of exceptional quality with beautiful reactive glazing and hand dipped interior glaze of the FlashPoint Candle signature color. Every Saxon vessel has this pop beautiful glaze on the interior of the pottery no matter the exterior glaze choice. Every piece is one-of-a-kind and will vary slightly as with any truly handmade artisan product. Give a Saxon candle as a special gift or place on a dining table, coffee table or bed-side stand. At 9" diameter this stunning candle can be used almost anywhere in the home, adding an artful object is often the finishing touch to any room, let the Saxon six wick soy blend candle be the final detail in your decor. Every piece of pottery can be re purposed in the home or outdoors after the candle is finished. Use as a holder for bracelets, customize a terrarium and add a cloche or even a catch-all at the front door, the ideas are endless for a purposeful re purpose of the Saxon vessel.