Our 9' Octagon Auto-Tilt Umbrella by Treasure Garden Custom Umbrella can be made in over 100 Sunbrella brand fabrics for truly customized look. With one hand the umbrella can easily be raised or lowered with a traditional style crank. This same crank also allows the user to tilt the umbrella up to 45 degrees for protection against morning and afternoon sun. With 64 Sqft of shade coverage this is a great patio umbrella for large tables and lounge sets. We recommend an 50lb base or larger to accommodate this patio umbrella. Made with a sturdy, rust proof aluminum frame in Bronze, Champagne, Anthracite, White and Black. Also we only offer this for order online in a Single Wind Vent which is recommended for most uses. If you live in an extremely windy area than we can make this into a Double Wind Vent for an additional cost but we do not recommend it for most customers. For durability, easy use and maximum features this is an excellent patio Umbrella!



Height: 102.5"Coverage: 67 sq. ft.

Pole: 1.5"Weight

(Single Vent): 18.8 lbs.Weight

(Double Vent): 19.8 lbs.

Number of Ribs: 8



9' Octagon Auto-Tilt UmbrellaCrank lift system

Auto tilt systemAvailable in Double or Single Wind Vent models

Optional longer pole available

100% Kevlar Mesh Lift Cord

Available in Anthracite, Black, Bronze, Champagne or White Finish

Compatible with Umbrella Lights by Treasure Garden

Recommended Minimum Base Weight: 50 lb.


**Please note price will vary depending on the grade of fabric chosen. Price shown is for Grade C Fabric

9' Octagon Custom Auto-Tilt Umbrella

  • Warranty Policy

    Treasure Garden items are designed for residential use and are not warranted for commercial applications (unless specified for Commercial use).
    LIMITED WARRANTY (Frames and Accessories):
    One (1) year:
    AG Cantilever styles
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    Quad Pulley Lift - UM8091 style
    Umbrella Lights
    Umbrella Bases and Accessories
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    Two (2) years:
    AKZ Plus Cantilever styles
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    Shanghai Collar Tilt - USA459
    Pagoda Collar Tilt - UP65409 style
    Starlux Collar Tilt - UM800_LX
    Collar Tilt - UM80__series
    Auto Tilt - UM81__ series
    Auto Tilt - UM8810RT style
    Crank Lift - UM8811RT style
    Three (3) years:
    Commercial - UCP40_ series