What Are Pavers?

At first glance, the word pavers or the term paver supplies seems like something you would call a person who paves driveways and walkways. But if you’ve ever checked out our products and materials for Hardscaping projects for your backyard, walkways, patios, or retaining walls, you probably have a different idea of what hardscaping products, like pavers, actually are. Pavers are essentially interlocking, precut blocks or bricks, often with the appearance of natural stone, or stone tiles, which can be used for a wide variety of landscaping projects. The beautiful aesthetics of pavers can turn an average driveway into a beautiful entranceway. The strength and durability of Pavers can turn your average sidewalk into an elegant pathway. The interlocking technology is not only sturdy and sophisticated, but it is actually great for water drainage. Never worry about patio puddles again, all while keeping your environmental footprint small through replenishing ground water supplies.

Belgard pavers are versatile and can be arranged in a multitude of styles and patterns for any application. Check out our resource guide for all the styles and patterns available.

The Belgard Project Visualizer tool lets you upload photos of your space, then insert and experiment with various paver styles, shapes and colors. Need a second opinion? With this interactive paver design tool, you can share your custom hardscapes designs with friends and family in just a few clicks. Our hardscape design visualizer also saves your choices so when you’re ready to start you have them ready to go!

We've created our Idea Book to inspire and guide you through the dreaming, planning and installing stages of your home project. The book is filled with beautiful imagery of our Belgard paver and wall collections as well as before/after photos of actual projects.


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