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Today we have a beautiful outdoor DIY to share with you. This glowing watering can with lights is so beautiful and SO easy to make! Pick a special spot in your garden or yard (maybe even your fairy garden) where you’d like to hang these glowing lights pouring from a watering can. 


  • A Watering can with a removable shower head.  (Here’s a tip, make sure the watering can is large enough. If it is too small, it will be nearly impossible to get any lights into it properly.)

  • Fairy Lights

  • Shepard’s hook like this or a hanging flower basket hook like this

  • Screw driver (or tool of choice) to widen the hole in the watering can’s shower head. If the holes in your watering can are large enough to slide the lights through, then you’re good to go! (However, the couple of watering cans that we tried when attempting this both needed to have the holes widened.)



How to Make a Watering Can with Lights


1. Gently remove the shower head from the watering can and set it aside.

2. Using a screw driver (or your tool of choice), make the holes bigger on the shower head of the watering can. (We widened 9 of the holes)

3. Place the lights inside the watering can and push them up and out of the spout

                                                     4. One by one, feed the strings of fairy lights through shower head











5.Gently place the shower head back on the watering can.

6.Hang the watering can on a hook

7.“Fluff” the lights over your garden or plans so that they look like they’re all going in the same direction.




Turn on the lights and enjoy!


































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